I was delighted when Jan Hermanns agreed to speak with me for the podcast about his terrific game Blinky Goes Up. We talk about programming the game, Jan's artwork and other hobbies, and also a tantalizingly half finished game that he has! I really enjoyed talking with him and I hope you will give the interview a listen and try Blinky Goes Up if you haven't already. Thanks for listening!


Jan Hermanns's artwork on Instagram

Jan's new site for Blinky Goes Up

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Hello friends, this is a rare interview edition of the show, in which I talk to Steve Cartwright about his career. We talk about his time at Activision, Accolade, and Electronic Arts, as well as what he's doing now and even touch on some of his hobbies. It was an honor and a privilege to talk to Steve, and I thank him very much for speaking with me. I hope that you enjoy it and I thank you for listening.


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Greetings and welcome to my hopefully new feature, interview episodes! First up is Jeff Ronne, who was the programmer for Tron Deadly Discs from M Network. I really enjoyed talking with him and I am grateful to him for his time. He's an interesting guy and also one of the few programmers at that time who programmed games for multiple systems. If you have any comments, you can email them to me at 2600gamebygame@comcast.net, or leave them on the Facebook or Twitter pages. Thanks so much for listening!

Jeff Ronne on Quora
Takeover on Intellivision Lives
Tron Deadly Discs on Intellivision Lives
Tron Deadly Discs episode

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