Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you enjoy the episode, thank you for sending your Christmas related feedback to us. I wish you all health, happiness, and love this Christmas and all throughout the year. Thank you so much for your support, love, and understanding, and I thank you for listening.

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Hi. I know, it's been awhile. How have you been? Anyway, I hope you are amenable to a new episode of my podcast. It's all about the Gammation game Gamma Attack. Lots of interesting goings-on with this game, I hope you'll give it a chance and enjoy. I am taking submissions for the Christmas episode! I know it's kind of late, I'm sorry about that. In the episode the deadline for submissions is December 16. Right now Sarah is very sick and I have no idea when the actual episode is going to come out. Let's say the 20th is the deadline. If Sarah and I are able to record together or not, I'll do my best to get everyone in the show. Thanks so much everyone, I am grateful to you and your patience, and for sticking around. I love you.

Gammation web site on Wayback Machine from 2008

Gamma Attack discovery thread on Atari Age 

Gamma Attack eBay Auction article on Joystiq by Griffin McElroy

Gamma Attack eBay Auction article on MTV by Jason Cipriano

Gamma Attack overview on Racketboy

Gamma Attack $500,000 eBay Auction

Gamma Attack history video by Retro Game On

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AB-035, Pitfall II: The Lost Caverns!  1

Happy New Year! If I can still say that when it's almost Groundhog Day. I hit a snag right out of the gate, which seems to be typical now. But, Pitfall II by Activision is finally available, and it's a doozy. The part about the game and its history etc. is twice as long as it usually is, I had a lot of fun researching this game. And of course, playing it. It's one of my favorites. I hope that you enjoy the episode. Coming up next is the super rare game Gamma Attack, by a tiny company called Gammation. Not as much history on this one, but what I've seen so far is very interesting. if you have any thoughts on this game, or even if you have a copy, I would love to hear about it. Please send them to me at by February 7th. Thanks so much for your patience, and thank you as always for listening.

Pitfall 2 on Random Terrain

Pitfall 2 on Atari Protos

David Crane interview by Scott Stilphen

DPC Chip patent

Explanation of DPC chip by David Crane on Atari Compendium

Atari Compendium article about "Super Chips," including the DPC chip

UK Activision Fun Club Newsletter Summer 1984 from Atari Compendium

Pitfall 2 patch

Pitfall 2 patch accompanying letter

Get MattBuc's repro Pitfall 2 patch here!

Pitfall! Masked Menace Mess

Pitfall! Raiders of the Lost Shark

Pitfall 2 The Lost Caverns on KLOV

Pitfall 2 Arcade playthrough by Old Classic Retrogaming 

Super Pitfall 30th Anniversary Edition NES patch

Chris and Adam's Pitfall articles on Orphaned Games

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Boy oh boy, it's been a rough year. This episode featuring Mean Santa by Tim Duarte and John K. Harvey almost didn't come out for Christmas. I am truly very sorry about how this year has gone, I need to change a lot of behaviors in the coming year. Regardless of what holiday (if any) you celebrate, I hope it is was a joyous and peaceful time. I am grateful to and for all of you and I do not deserve you. I will see you in 2023 where we will start the year with Pitfall II by Activision. Thank you for listening.

The Mean Santa Journey on Experienca Odyssey

ROM and Source Code for Free on Atari Age

2600 Connection Issue 100 thread

2600 Connection Mean Santa Sales Announcement on the Wayback Machine

Original YouTube video of game footage, posted August 10 2009

Tim Duarte's web page

John K. Harvey's web page via Wayback Machine

Order Mean Santa from Tim Duarte

Willie! plays Mean Santa on the Odyssey 2

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