Welcome to the show! This week we are looking at Marauder, by Tigervision. It's a pretty rare and expensive game, but worth the play if you have the means. I really enjoyed it. Coming up next is the Atari game Mario Brothers, yet another terrific Dan Hitchens arcade port. If you have any feedback for Mario Brothers, please get it to me by the end of the day on March 7th. I will tell you all about the game, no need to repeat that stuff, just tell me what you think of it. you can send all feedback to 2600gamebygame@gmail.com. Thank you so much for listening!


Marauder on Random Terrain

Paul Stinson Studio web site via Wayback Machine 

Laine Nooney's blog post on Sierra artwork

Laine Nooney at MAGFest 2020

A New Marauder homebrew/hack by More Work Games

A New Marauder on Atari Age

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Hello there, this week's once again late entry is all about Gopher, by US Games. Coming to you from the Wickstead Design Associates arm of US Games, Gopher is a pretty fun title. I hope that you enjoy the show. Next up will be Marauder by Tigervision. If you have any feedback for Marauder, please send it to 2600gamebygame@gmail.com by the end of Monday the 22nd. I hope you all are well, thank you for your patience and for listening.


Gopher on Random Terrain

February 1983 Video Game Update on Atari Compendium

Todd Marshall interview on Atari Compendium

Henry Will Notebooks on Atari Age

James Wickstead Design Associates web site

Greg Degeneffe's high score video on Twin Galaxies

No Swear Gamer 565 - Gopher

No Swear Gamer gameplay video

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I'm sorry I don't have the Gopher episode ready today, but I wanted to announce the PlusCart winner at least because Doug is very kind to sponsor this contest. Please give a listen, I will be sending the winner an email to get their address. Doug is a much better shipper than I, so there's that. If you have Gopher feedback that you didn't send but want to, get it to me by the end of Friday the 12th. Thanks so much for your patience, and for listening.

Doug's Contest video

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