Hi everybody, I feel a little guilty about not having an episode this week. This one is not about the 2600 though; rather, it's about the other toys I had and enjoyed as a kid. I don't necessarily think of the 2600 as a toy, but it was the last toy-like thing that I remember getting. I was 11 when I got it and was 8 months away from Middle School, which changed a lot of things for me. I was also a year from my first job as a paperboy, so I had cash in my pocket for the first time. I would either save up for an Atari cartridge or blow it at an arcade, I don't remember buying toys. Not until my 20s at least, which you'll hear about soon on the Retro Junkies Mini episode I did. I hope you like this episode, but I won't blame you for skipping it. Don't forget, next week we'll be taking a trip to the Atari Casino with Blackjack, uh, Casino, and Slot Machine. If you have any feedback you can send it to me at 2600gamebygame@comcast.net. Thanks everyone, enjoy the week and I'll see you on the 23rd!

Pivot Pool
Video of Pivot Pool
Earthquake Tower record
Earthquake Tower (with action photo!)
PlaySkool Holiday Inn set
Lego Swiss Villa set
Video of Swiss Villa by a collector
Mego Batman figures
Mego Magnetic Batman figure commercial
Atari Touch Me on KLOV
Police ripoff Simon commercial
More weird Simon commercials
Electronic Quarterback Android app!
Electronic Quarterback at Handheld Museum
Electronic Quarterback hilarious commercial
World of 2-XL
Play 2-XL online! It's awesome!
1978 2-XL commercial

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