Hi. I know, it's been awhile. How have you been? Anyway, I hope you are amenable to a new episode of my podcast. It's all about the Gammation game Gamma Attack. Lots of interesting goings-on with this game, I hope you'll give it a chance and enjoy. I am taking submissions for the Christmas episode! I know it's kind of late, I'm sorry about that. In the episode the deadline for submissions is December 16. Right now Sarah is very sick and I have no idea when the actual episode is going to come out. Let's say the 20th is the deadline. If Sarah and I are able to record together or not, I'll do my best to get everyone in the show. Thanks so much everyone, I am grateful to you and your patience, and for sticking around. I love you.

Gammation web site on Wayback Machine from 2008

Gamma Attack discovery thread on Atari Age 

Gamma Attack eBay Auction article on Joystiq by Griffin McElroy

Gamma Attack eBay Auction article on MTV by Jason Cipriano

Gamma Attack overview on Racketboy

Gamma Attack $500,000 eBay Auction

Gamma Attack history video by Retro Game On

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