This episode deals with Konami's entire released output for the Atari 2600, Pooyan, Strategy X, and Marine Wars. I tried not to be too heavy handed with the editing, because it was taking forever. I hope that it's still an enjoyable listen! I heard some mistakes during editing that I couldn't go back and fix: I said NTC where I should have said NTSC; I misused the words "diatonic" and "chromatic;" I forgot to mention the islands in Marine Wars that block you from hitting the ships; and lastly, Gakken released the PAL versions of these games. Next week is a big one: Space Invaders! I forgot to mention on the show that I am working on Wednesday next week, so the show may be released later on Wednesday instead of early in the AM. If you can, please send your stories to me as early as possible next week. Upcoming games include Frreway and Kaboom by Activision, Night Driver and Golf by Atari, Ghost Manor and Spike's Peak by Xonox, and Turbo and Venture by Coleco. Send your stories and memories of these games to me at Also, please send in your Atari-related Christmas stories! Listen to the episode for full details, but please have those in by Friday, December 20th. Thank you all so much for listening, I am very grateful to all of you!

Pertinent Links

Pooyan at KLOV
Strategy X at KLOV
Favorite Atari 2600 Games of Focusrs - Pooyan!

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