This week's episode goes into two more of my favorite early Atari games, Bowling and Sky Diver. There's three audio submissions today, I think that's a record! Next week I'll be looking at Tennis and Laser Blast by Activision. Upcoming games include Circus Atari and Superman by Atari. King Kong and Jawbreaker by Tigervision, Pooyan, Strategy X and Marine Wars by Konami, Space Invaders by Atari, and Karate and Spiderdroid by Froggo. If you have any stories about these games that you want me to read on the podcast, please send them to Thanks for listening, I really appreciate it! You guys are awesome!

Pertinent Links

Owen Rubin's web site
Sky Diver on KLOV
Sky Diver on Owen Rubin's site
Cannonball on Owen Rubin's site
Focusrs' Youtube video about Bowling

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