This week's episode deals with Activision's Skiing and Bridge. Please note that I screwed up the production number of Bridge in the show, it should be AX 006. I totally missed that in the list and just noticed it now when I checked what the numbers were for the blog title. In this episode I got two great audio submissions from Shinto and Rob O'Hara, and I got some constructive criticism from James. Instead of recording at night this time, I recorded after I woke up, so if you're reading this James, please let me know if this made any difference! I think I sound a lot more awake, I'm sure that my wife will let me know too.

Next week's episode will be about Breakout and Home Run by Atari. If you have any stories or memories of these games, please send them along to You can send text or audio, and all of them get on the show. Upcoming games include Encounter at L5 and Warplock by Data Age, Tac-Scan and Sub Scan by Sega, Basketball and Football by Atari, Gangster Alley and Planet Patrol by Spectravision, and Miniature Golf and Human Cannonball by Atari. Thanks for listening!

Pertinent Links

Glossary of Bridge terms on Wikipedia
Bridge "How Your Partner Bids" manual at Atari Guide
Focus On the Prize video for August on Youtube
Arcade USA videos on Youtube
You Don't Know Flack podcast
Now You're Playing With Podcast
Oklahoma Video Game Expo
Mismatched Activision games thread on Atari Age

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