This week it's back to some fun games with Imagic's Star Voyager and Atlantis! I also talk a little about the Amiga prototype Power Arcade carts, and the company Xante. Also we have two audio submissions, keep those coming in, they're great! Next week I'll be talking about US Games’ Space Jockey and Sneak and Peek. Upcoming games include Basic Programming and Video Olympics by Atari, Skiing and Bridge by Activision (as of July 28 2013, Skiing is one of the special games in a two week run on the Atari Age high score club, check out the link below. This show will be on the last day you can submit scores for Skiing, as well as Time Warp and Sky Jinks), Breakout and Home Run by Atari, Encounter at L5 and Warplock by Data Age, and Tac-Scan and Sub Scan by Sega. Please send your stories for these games or anything related to the 2600 to Thanks so much for listening!

Pertinent Links
Atlantis 2 on Atari Age
Enterprise TV show: The Making of Atlantis, 1982
Bob Smith interview from Retrogaming Roundup podcast episode 47 (starts at 31:12)
Colony 7 on KLOV
Amiga Power Arcade carts at Atari Protos
Atari Age 2600 High Score Club
The Log Book by Earl Green
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Twitter page
Blog page

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