Thanks so much for tuning into the show, this is a very special episode featuring Frostbite by the great Steve Cartwright. It also marks the release of a heretofore unknown work in progress prototype of Frostbite called Iceman, which you can find in the links below. Please listen to the episode for the whole 22 year journey of Iceman! Steve Cartwright was gracious enough to do a phone interview with me as well, that will be coming up in the feed very soon.

Next up is Moonsweeper by Imagic, which was done by another great programmer, Bob Smith. Please send your feedback on Moonsweeper to by May 17th to be included in the show. Thank you again for listening, and huge thanks to Curt, Rob, Dennis and GlitchCat7 for helping me get Iceman to you.

Iceman prototype ROM
Steve Cartwright's web site
Steve Cartwright interview by Pretty Old Pixel
Steve Cartwright interview by Baixa Definicao
Steve Cartwright on Retrogaming with Racketboy Podcast
Steve Cartwright with Garry Kitchen and David Crane at CGE 2010
Steve Cartwright's YouTube page
Activisions newsletter Fall 1983
Activision patch on Digital Press
...and the accompanying letter
My original Usenet post about the Iceman prototype
Dennis Debro's Frostbite Disassmbly
Atarius Maximus' Frostbite Hacks
GlithCat7's amazing Frostbite playthrough
GlitchCat7 on Twitch
Waveback Podcast - Waveback Awards
Waveback Overplay

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