Today I look at two of my favorites for the 2600, Haunted House and Yars' Revenge. There's a lot to talk about, and now that I've finished recording I forgot to mention the Kids Stuff records. Yars' Revenge had an LP and a book and 45, each having some exclusive content. Like Asteroids, the LP is online but I could not find the 45. Now that's 2 videos I have to make, maybe Willie! will give me some pointers. :) Next week it's Barnstorming and Grand Prix by Activision! Seems like it's been awhile for Activision on my little show here. After that, it will be Death Trap and London Blitz by Avalon Hill; Swordquest: Earthworld by Atari; Edtris 2600 and Sound X by Ed Federmeyer; AD&D Treasure of Tarmin and Burgertime by M Network (I may add another game here, as Tarmin was not released and remains unavailable), and Frogger and Amidar by Parker Brothers. If you have any feedback or memories you'd like to share for any of these games, or if you're getting caught up with my show and want to talk about a game I've already covered, please send it to me at, in written or audio format. I love hearing from you! Thank you all so much for listening!

Haunted Links

Haunted House Easter Eggs
How to Beat The Home Video Games: Yars' Revenge
Willie's awesome Haunted House Video
Willie's Yars' Revenge video (featuring Clutch Cargo as Yar)
Yars' Revenge Kid Stuff album
Mystery Mansion (Haunted House prototype)
Howard Scott Warshaw interview by Scott Stilphen
HSW Keynote at Electronicon, 1997, filmed by Scott Stilphen (this is part 1 of 5, the other parts will show on the right)
HSW on Matt Chat (part 1 of 2, see above)
HSW's Once Upon Atari site
HSW's personal site
HSW's books on Amazon
Original Steve Hendricks Haunted House artwork (scroll down)
Hiro Kimura's web site
Brian's Yars' Revenge review

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