This week's extremely late episode deals with the early Data Age games Encounter At L-5 and Warplock. I'm sorry you had to wait so long for this lackluster episode. But there is an audio submission from Kevin, so it's not all bad. Next week's also delayed episode will be about Tac-Scan and Sub Scan, by Sega. Yes, it's the same Sega. Upcoming games include Basketball and Football by Atari, Gangster Alley and Planet Patrol by Spectravision, Miniature Golf and Human Cannonball by Atari, Coconuts and Cosmic Creeps by Telesys, and Star Wars Death Star Battle and Ewok Adventure by Parker Brothers. If you have stories for any of these games, please send them to me in text or mp3 form, I read every submission on the show and I really love hearing from you! Thanks for listening!

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Data Age Press Photo on eBay
Listen to the Data Age Mindscape on Atari Age
Kevin's Computer Space website
William's Arcade USA on Youtube

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