Boy oh boy, it's been a rough year. This episode featuring Mean Santa by Tim Duarte and John K. Harvey almost didn't come out for Christmas. I am truly very sorry about how this year has gone, I need to change a lot of behaviors in the coming year. Regardless of what holiday (if any) you celebrate, I hope it is was a joyous and peaceful time. I am grateful to and for all of you and I do not deserve you. I will see you in 2023 where we will start the year with Pitfall II by Activision. Thank you for listening.

The Mean Santa Journey on Experienca Odyssey

ROM and Source Code for Free on Atari Age

2600 Connection Issue 100 thread

2600 Connection Mean Santa Sales Announcement on the Wayback Machine

Original YouTube video of game footage, posted August 10 2009

Tim Duarte's web page

John K. Harvey's web page via Wayback Machine

Order Mean Santa from Tim Duarte

Willie! plays Mean Santa on the Odyssey 2

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