Coleco had more than its fair share of vaporware for the Atari VCS, and this week I cover one of them (or at least what I can of it). Cosmic Avenger never came out and still has not been found, but Smurf and Carnival did! Also, congratulations to Jose Quezada, he won the Atari Flashback 5 from Willie from the Colecovisions podcast. Thank you to all who entered, and thank you to Willie for sponsoring and coming up with the contest!

Next week I will be covering two Realsports titles, Volleyball and Soccer (or Football if you're nasty). Coming up will be Super Cobra and Reactor by Parker Brothers; Tax Avoiders by American Video Game and Boing! by First Star; and RealSports Football and Atari Video Cube by Atari. If you have any thoughts on any of these games or any I've already covered, please send them to me at Thanks for listening, see you next Wednesday!

Smurfy Smurfs

Please Stand By podcast
The Atari 5200 Super Podcast
Cosmic Avenger on KLOV
Carnival on KLOV
Kevin MacLeod's royalty free music at Incompetech
Todd Marshall interview by Scott Stilphen
Smurf prototype on Youtube
Smurf prototype box on Atarimania
The No Swear Gamer 125 - Carnival!
Steve Kitchen on the Computer Chronicles 1984

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