Hi there! This week I discuss two more of Tigervision's Atari 2600 cartridge output, Threshold and River Patrol. River Patrol is SUPER RARE L@@K. And they're not kidding. The next episode will be on March 4th and will be about Ram It and Fast Food by Telesys, and will also have the last installment of Willie's FergQuest contest! Upcoming games will include Brain Games and Frog Pond by Atari; Megamania and Sky Jinks by Activision; Cosmic Avenger, Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle, and Carnival by Coleco; Realsports Volleyball and Realsports Soccer by Atari; and Super Cobra and Reactor by Parker Brothers. If you have any memories to share about these or any of the games I've already covered, please send them to 2600gamebygame@comcast.net. Thank you for listening!

Pertinent Leaks

Astro Blaster at KLOV
River Patrol at KLOV
Warren Schwader interview by James Hague
Warren Schwader's Solitaire Network
Play "Jones in the Fast Lane" online
No Swear Gamer 105 - Threshold!
No Swear Gamer 106 - River Patrol!
River Patrol at Atari Protos
Atari Swordquest Fireworld comic book
OTR Playlist - The Great Gildersleeve
Intarivisions - Carnival!
Delta 80s Safety Video
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