Hi! Today I am talking about 3 M Network games, AD&D Treasure of Tarmin, BurgerTime, and In Search of the Golden Skull. The middle one was released, but the other two never were. Next week is Frogger and Amidar by Parker Brothers! Upcoming games include Swordquest: Fireworld by Atari; Sssnake and Airlock by Data Age; Fire Fighter and Sky Patrol by Imagic; Math Grand Prix and Raiders of the Lost Ark by Atari, and Mega Force and Alien by 20th Century Fox. If you have any feedback regarding these games or any others that I've covered already, please send it to 2600gamebygame@comcast.net. I will read it or play it on the show. Thank you for listening!

Pertinent Links

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BurgerTime thread 2 on Atari Age (picture of later release innards)
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Jerry Lawson interview
Channel F Files podcast - Talks with Jerry Lawson
In Search of the Golden Skull on Atari Protos
In Search of the Golden Skull on Intellivsion Lives
Treasure of Tarmin on Intellivision Lives
Treasure of Tarmin on Atari Protos
Intellivisionaries podcast Treasure of Tarmin episode
Holiday Special podcast
Greatest American Hero podcast
Telegames catalog
Strong Museum of Play Jerry Lawson papers (this is just a list, you have to go to the museum to look at them)
Videosoft Atari 2600 titles by Jerry Lawson, available at Good Deal Games (3D Ghost Attack, 3D Genesis, 3D Havoc, Atom Smasher, Depth Charge & S.A.C. Alert)
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