Greetings programs! This week I'm looking at Barnstorming and Grand Prix, both by Activision. Next week I'll be discussing the Avalon Hill company and two of their games, Death Trap and London Blitz. Upcoming games include Swordquest: Earthworld by Atari; Edtris 2600 and Sound X by Ed Federmeyer; AD&D Treasure of Tarmin, Burgertime, and In Search of the Golden Skull by M Network, Frogger and Amidar by Parker Brothers, and Sssnake and Airlock by Data Age. If you have any stories about these games that you'd like to share, or about any of the games I've already covered, please send them to All get read or played on the show, and it is my favorite part of recording the podcast. Thanks for listening!

Prixotic Links

Barnstorming patch
Grand Prix patch
Grand Prix patch accompanying letter
Grand Prix medal (scroll down to bottom for large pic)
Willie's Grand Prix video! Awesome!
Willie's Barnstorming video
Steve Cartwright's web site
How To Beat the Home Video Games - Barnstorming
Super Action Pak Easter Egg
1984 Info World David Crane interview
James' Howard Scott Warshaw interview CGE 2005
James' HSW Once Upon Atari commercial

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