This week's episode is about the adult games released by Mystique, Custer's Revenge, Bachelor Party, and Beat 'Em and Eat 'Em. Controversial games all, please be advised that this episode has the explicit tag, so do not listen if you are offended by sex or if there are children anywhere near the mp3 player of choice. Next week will be much safer, it will be about Yar's Revenge and Haunted House, two of the better games that Atari made for their system. If you have any feedback about these two games, please send it along to It should be a fun show. Thank you for listening!

Palm Beach Post article
White Mountain Apache tribe resolution (PDF)
Porn and Pong book by Damon Brown
Ocala Star Banner article
NY Times article
People Magazine article
Info World magazine article
Canadian news segment
American Indian Community House
American Indian Movement

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