This week I stupidly cover 3 Atari games, Codebreaker, Flag Capture and Video Chess. Stupidly only because it was Easter and I was more busy than I've ever been. Sometimes 3 in a show is a necessary evil. Next week I'll be delving into Title Match Pro Wrestling and Skateboardin' by Absolute. Upcoming games include Pac-Man by Atari; Magicard and Video Life by CommaVid; Submarine Commander and Video Pinball by Atari; Thunderground and Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator by Sega; Asteroids and Berzerk by Atari (if that show isn't close to 90 minutes with feedback then I'm doing something wrong); and Cross Force and Tapeworm by Spectravision. If you have any stories or memories of any of these games that you would like to share, please send them to This of course is not a guarantee that I will read it on the correct show, as I am wont to overlook them sometimes. I just realized I forgot to read Jeff's email this week, I apologize to Jeff and I will read them on next week's show. I hate it when I do that. Thanks for listening everyone.

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