Back to the wonderful Supercharger for two more of its games, Suicide Mission and Killer Satellites. I forgot to mention in the show that the Prototype version of Suicide Mission, Meteoroids, has a similar descending note scale like the arcade version of Asteroids. You can hear that in the sound clip I played in that section (it speeds up as there are fewer meteoroids onscreen). The released version only has 2 of these notes, and it sounds really weird. Next week on the show I'll be yakking about Gyruss and James Bond 007 by Parker Brothers. Upcoming games include Codebreaker, Flag Capture and Video Chess by Atari; Title Match Pro Wrestling and Skateboardin' by Absolute; Pac-Man by Atari; Magicard and Video Life by CommaVid, and Submarine Commander (Sears exclusive) and Video Pinball by Atari. You can send me your stories or memories of any of these game or any of the games I've already covered to me at Thank you so much for listening!

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