This week's episode is about two more Activision games, Stampede and Ice Hockey. These games are so simple that I think I spent much more time on the packaging then on the actual gameplay! Next week is two more Atari games, Othello and RealSports Baseball (I think it's the first Atari silver label cart in the podcast that wasn't a reissue). Coming up isFast Eddie and Deadly Duck by Sirius/20th Century Fox; Surround and A Game of Concentration (AKA Hunt 'n' Score) by Atari; Suicide Mission and Killer Satellites by Starpath; James Bond 007 and Gyruss by Parker Brothers; and Codebreaker, Flag Capture & Video Chess by Atari. If you have any stories or memories for these games or any games I've already covered, send your email or audio submission to Thanks everyone!

Pertinent Links

How To Beat The Home Video Games - Stampede
1982 Activision Corporate video
Ice Hockey commercial with the late great Phil Hartman
Retro Junkies forums
Favorite Atari 2600 Games of FocusRS - Stampede
Atari Age thread on Rally X by Ed Fries
Atari 2600 by Little Brother
Solar Wolf game on Python (corrected link)

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