Hi ho everyone! Episode 51 deals with Blueprint and Solar Fox by CBS Electronics, both really great games for the 2600 in my opinion. Next week I'll be looking at Stampede and Ice Hockey by Activision. In the coming weeks you can expect to hear about Othello and RealSports Baseball by Atari; Fast Eddie and Deadly Duck by 20th Century Fox/Sirius; Surround and A Game Of Concentration (aka Hunt 'n' Score) by Atari; and Suicide Mission and Killer Satellites by Starpath. If you have any stories or memories for these games or any of the games I've already covered, I want to hear from you! Send an email or an audio submission to 2600gamebygame@comcast.net. You can also comment on Facebook or Twitter. Thanks for listening everyone, have a great week!

Pertinent Links

In depth review of Solar Fox (all versions) on RF Generation
Solar Fox on KLOV
Blue Print on KLOV
Blueprint at Atariprotos.com 
Kickman at KLOV 
Favorite Atari 2600 Games of FocusRS - Blueprint! 
Solar Wolf, Solar Fox update for Python
Solar Fox commercial with maybe Jane Krakowski

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