This week I cover two more Games by Apollo, Space Cavern and Racquteball! Space Cavern programmer Dan Oliver generously gave his time to answer my questions this week, and that Q & A will be posted to the blog shortly. Next week will be Blueprint and Solar Fox by CBS Electronics. Upcoming games include Stampede and Ice Hockey by Activision; Othello and RealSports Baseball by Atari; Fast Eddie and Deadly Duck By Sirius/20th Century Fox; and Surround and A Game of Concentration (aka Hunt 'n' Score) by Atari. If you have any stories or memories you'd like to share about these games or any games I've covered so far, send them to Everything gets read or played on the show. Thank you all so much for listening!

Pertinent Links

Atari Age thread with lots of contributions from Dan Oliver
Dan Oliver's web site
Telepathy on Atari Protos site
How to Beat the Home Video Games - Space Cavern

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