This week's episode is about the M-Network games Masters of the Universe: The Power of He-Man, Loco-Motion, and Computer Corridor. Computer Corridor was in my list as Computer Revenge, which I didn't find in my initial research, but I happened upon it while I was doing the research for this show. Hence my adding it at the last minute. But it was never finished like Loco-Motion was, so you're not missing much. Extra special thanks to Jeff Ratcliff for answering my questions this week, thank you Jeff! Next week, Cosmic Ark and No Escape by Imagic. Upcoming games include Dodge 'Em and Missile Command by Atari; Space Cavern and Racquetball by Games by Apollo; Blueprint and Solar Fox by CBS Electronics; Stampede and Ice Hockey by Activision; and Othello and RealSports baseball by Atari. You can send your memories of these games and any Atari VCS/2600 memories to me at I read everything on the show! Thanks everyone for downloading and listening, it makes me happy. :)

Pertinent Links

Intellivision He-Man page on Intellivision Lives!
M-Network He-Man page on Intellivision Lives!
M-Network unreleased games page on Intellivision Lives!
Locomotion arcade game on KLOV 
Intellivision Lococmotion game play footage
Locomotion at Atari Protos site
Entex Stargate footage 
Justin Kyle's The A to Z of the Atari 2600 book on Amazon
Doug McCoy's Mcoycast site
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