Happy New Year Everyone! Unfortunately I am still on the old year's procrastination schedule. It has been really hard getting back into this, it felt like I had to learn it all over again. Lots of awkward silences to edit out. I hope this episode measures up to my usual standards. Next week I'll be talking about Turbo and Venture by Coleco, which I remember playing a lot in the arcades, but not so much at home. Especially Turbo, since I did not have a Colecovision. Upcoming games include Maze Craze and Video Checkers by Atari, He- Man and Loco-motion by M-Network, Cosmic Ark and No Escape! by Imagic, Missile Command and Dodge 'Em by Atari, and Space cavern and Racquetball by Games by Apollo. Send your stories for these games, and games I've already covered that you missed, or anything you'd like to share about your experience with the 2600 to 2600gamebygame@comcast.net. Your contributions really are the backbone of the show. Plus they make the show twice as long! I keed, I keed. Thanks to everyone for listening, have a great week!

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Xonox article by Jim Gorzelany, March 1984
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