Still feeling a bit under the weather, but I did manage to get this week's episode featuring Night Driver and Golf out this week. Thanks for your patience! Next week is the Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa memories show, you can send me your memories to be read on the show by December 20th. The games will resume on January 8th with Ghost Manor and Spike's Peak by Xonox. You can send any stories and feedback to Whatever Holiday you celebrate, I hope that it is merry and happy and safe, and that you can play some Atari 2600! Thank you all for listening!

Pertinent Links

Night Driver on KLOV
Odyssey 2 Computer Golf!
Favorite Atari 2600 Games of FocusRS: Night Driver!
Night Driver post on The Retroist site
Atari fonts on Atari Age. You can download them!
Atari Inc. - Business is Fun by Marty Goldberg and Curt Vendel

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