No, this is not a rerun. I was just so happy that I finally got the paddles to work with Stella so I could record sounds from paddle games, and I corrected what in my opinion was a horrible oversight in the Circus Atari episode. Anyway. This episode is about one of the greatest paddle games ever, Kaboom!, and Freeway. I can't say enough good things about Kaboom. Next week I'll be looking at Night Driver and Golf by Atari, followed by Ghost Manor and Spike's Peak by Xonox, Turbo and Venture by Coleco, and Maze Craze and Video Checkers by Atari. Sandwiched in between there will be, let's just call it the holiday memories show at this point. If you have any stories or memories of any of these games, please send them to For the holiday memories show, please get those in by the 20th so I can put it together over that weekend. Thank you everyone, hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving, and mazel tov!

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