This episode is about two more Parker Brothers Star Wars games, Death Star Battle and Ewok Adventure. I didn't mention this in the episode, but the reason that an unreleased (by the company) prototype (Ewok Adventure) is included in the show is because it was assigned a part number. This will be the same for all companies that have prototypes with part numbers, as long as they have since been discovered. Did that make any sense? Also, please continue to bear with me as I try to break away from using a script. I need to practice, and I'm sorry I have to practice on you. It will get better.

Next week I'll be looking at Bowling and Sky Diver, both by Atari. Upcoming games include Tennis and Laser Blast by Activision, Circus Atari and Superman by Atari, King Kong and Jawbreaker by Tigervision, Pooyan, Strategy X, and Marine Wars by Konami, and the original killer app for the 2600, Space Invaders. Send your thoughts and memories of these games to me at Thanks so much for listening!

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