In this week's episode I profile the first two Sega games for the Atari 2600, Tac-Scan and Sub Scan. This is just as confusing as Data Age's Airlock and Warplock, but those weren't in the same show. In this episode is a new Strudder's Score and an audio submission from Mr. Guy Hutchinson, podcaster extraordinaire. Here's a protip: if you run out of time to write a script for your show, don't think you can just use your notes and improvise, it ain't gonna happen. Next week I'll be looking at Football and Basketball by Atari. Hopefully I'm just going to look at them not actually play them, but I may be expected to do that. Upcoming episodes will include Gangster Alley and Planet Patrol by Spectravision, Miniature Golf and Human Cannonball by Atari, Coconuts and Cosmic Creeps by Telesys, Star Wars Death Star Battle and Ewok Adventure by Parker Brothers, and Bowling and Sky Diver by Atari. You can send emails or mp3s containing your wonderful stories for any or all (recommended) of these games to Thank you all for listening!

Pertinent Links

Tac/Scan on KLOV
Deep Scan on KLOV

Depth Charge on KLOV
William Culver (Arcade USA, FocusRS) on Youtube
Retro Junkies Super Show
Genesis Gems podcast
Turtle Flakes podcast
Adventure Club Podcast Network
href="">Listen to the show on the Retro Junkies website!

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