It's episode 20 and I'm talking about 20th Century Fox games for the first time. I wish I was smart enough to have planned that. Today's games are Worm War 1 and Beany Bopper, both really fun games, I hope you had a chance to try them out. Next week will be Atari's Stellar Track and 3D Tic Tac Toe. Stellar Track is a text adventure on the 2600, so that should be totally awesome! Upcoming games include Star Voyager and Atlantis by Imagic, Space Jockey and Sneak n Peek by US Games, Basic Programming and video Olympics by Atari, and Skiing and Bridge by Activision. Any stories or memories you have of these games can be sent to, and I'll read it on the show. Thanks so much for listening, see you next time!

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Scott Stilphen's interview with David Lubar
David Lubar's website
Worm War 1 commercial
Genesis Gems podcast

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