Hey everyone, thanks for your patience this week. This episode is about two of Activision's early 1983 titles, Oink and Dolphin. Next on the podcast I will be looking at Lost Luggage and Shark Attack (Lochjaw) by Apollo. If you have any feedback on these or any of the games I've covered, please send it to 2600gamebygame@gmail.com. You can check the calendar on the blogpage for the upcoming shows, I have updated it. A bit. I have some vacation time coming up, and while I don't have an episode listed for those weeks, I am going to try to get something out then. I also have an upcoming project, we are putting in a new floor in my gameroom/podcasting room, but I'm hoping that won't disturb the schedule. Much.

Thanks for listening everyone!

Pertinent Oinks

Matthew Hubbard interview by Scott Stilphen
Scott Stilphen's Dolphin Easter Egg page
Oink on Atari Protos
Dolphin on Atari Protos
Oink Patch on Digital Press
...and the accompanying letter
Friends of Dolphins patch on DP
...and the accompanying letter
Secret Society of Dolphins patch on DP
Activisions newsletter announcing Dolphin and Oink
Matthew Hubbard's Blogger profile (he has a few blogs there)
The No Swear Gamer 252 - Oink!
The No Swear Gamer 253 - Dolphin
Warren Robinett's Adventure web site
Inventing the Adventure Game by Warren Robinett (unpublished manuscript)
Classic Game Room - Oink!

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