This week I cover two more games in the RealSports line, Tennis and Basketball. Basketball was an unfinished prototype that saw the light of day near the turn of the century. I think there is only one more RealSports title left, Boxing, which oddly came out much later than the rest. Next time I'll be discussing the Activision games Oink! and Dolphin, so if you have any thoughts on these games (or the RealSports games, I expected the feedback to be a bit light and I was not mistaken), please send it to me at You will not regret it! Thank you so much for listening, and this Sunday, please say hi to your mother for me.

Pertinent Links

RealSports Tennis on Atari Protos
RealSports Basketball on Atari Protos
Supergames 8 in 1 on Atari Protos
Unused RS Tennis art on Atarimania
No Swear Gamer 251 - RS Tennis!
RS Basketball in 1982 Rev F catalog
RS Basketball screenshot in 1983 Rev A catalog
RS Basketball 2002 Repro on Atari Age
Scott Stilphen's Easter Egg page for RS Basketball
Highretrogamelord's RS Basketball video
Intellivisionaries 18 - Basketball(s)!
Intellivisionaries 7 - Baseball(s)!
SNES Podcast 45 - Frogger!

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