Hi guys, this episode is about Dragonfire and Fathom, two more games by the great software company Imagic. I hope that you enjoy it. In two weeks I'll be talking about Omega Race and Tunnel Runner by CBS Electronics. If you have any thoughts on these games or games that I've already covered, please send them to me at 2600gamebygame@comcast.net or 2600gamebygame@gmail.com. Thank you very much for listening, and if you celebrate Easter or Spring Break, have a great one, or both.

Pertinent Links

Bob Smith interview in Numb Thumb Club magazine
Get the Dragonfire source code here or here
Scott Stilphen's Dragonfire Easter Egg page
Dragonfire on Atari Protos
An Act of Creation by Rob Fulop (Video Games Dec. 1983)
Rob Fulop interview by Scott Stilphen
Rob Fulop's blog entry about Fathom
Rob Fulop interview by Chris Federico
Michael Becker interview by Valter Prette
Scott Stilphen Fathom Longplay
Scott Stilphen's Fathom Easter Egg page
The Monkees' Head - Porpoise Song
Intarivisions ep 4 - Dragonfire
No Swear Gamer 244 - Dragonfire
No Swear Gamer 245 - Fathom - Phil also shows you the Easter eggs!
12 year old Bill Kendrick's Atari 800 clone of Dragonfire, called Crown Quest!
Atari Vault video, showing all of the games
Atari Flashback 2 in an Atari cartridge by lovablechevy
Pinside forum thread with Nick Baldridge's photos from 2015 White Rose show

Check out Jose's awesome spreadsheet for the list of games I've already done, with links to the episodes! Thank you Jose!
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