Hi everyone, I am very sorry once again for getting this episode out so late. I knew there was a lot to research on E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial by Atari, but I just didn't realize how MUCH was out there until I started looking. It is now finished and is very long, and I really hope it was worth the wait! It was a lot of fun to go back through all that happened last year, and you guys sent in some GREAT feedback, thank you so much for that.

Next week I'll be discussing two 20th Century Fox games developed by Sirius Software, Fantastic Voyage and Turmoil. I know I said in the show to get your feedback in by November 1st, but at this point by November 3rd end of day will be great. I apologize to Nils and Bill, they did send E.T. feedback in after I recorded but before I finished the show, but I didn't get time to put it in this show. Next one for sure! You can send that feedback to me at 2600gamebygame@comcast.net. Thank you all again very much for your patience, and I will see you next week! Fingers crossed. :)

Pertinent Links

HSW's website
HSW Interview on AV Club
HSW interview by Charles Gray
TONS of HSW videos on Youtube
Fixing E.T. thread on Atari Age
Fixing E.T. writeup by AA user recompile (get the rom here)
Random Terrain's E.T. pages
2600 Connection E.T. easter egg and bug page
Steven Spielberg on E.T. and HSW
James Heller interview by Scott Stilphen
No Swear Gamer 9 - E.T.! 
No Swear Gamer E.T. Easter Eggs!
Atlantic article by the "Punk Archaeologists" 
Punk Archaeologists' April Fools article
E.T. Book Cart on Atari Age
Tularosa Basin Historical Society eBay page (sold items)
How to Beat the Home Video Games - E.T.
American Hot Stuff with HSW
E.T. Book Cart by Charles Gray 
Atari IO forums 
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