OH HEY. Today we conclude the Swordquest series talking about Waterworld and Airworld, and the ill-fated Swordquest contest. I thought I would be glad to be done, but it made me sad. But wait, next time I'll be talking about River Raid by carol Shaw, only from Activision! This is a big favorite, so I'm anticipating some feedback. You can send that right over to 2600gamebygame@comcast.net. I'll also be doing some other games later on. I am tired. Procrastination only hurts yourself folks.

Goodbye Utterance. :(

Waterlogged Links

Swordquest Revisited site by Scott Stilphen
Waterworld Archive of Adventure
Michael Rideout interview by John Hardie
John Michael Battaglia's Atari page (he wrote the Waterworld manual, which I forgot to mention in the show)
Airworld Parts list memo
Atari Age magazine 9/10-1983
Videogame Illustrated Magazine April 1983 (I read this wrong, the article had June listed as the release for Waterworld, not April like I thought. I'm dumb)
Me and Zerbe on the Youtubes
Retro League Patreon page
Retro League Forums. Sign up! All the cool kids are doing it
SNES Podcast Facebook page. Contact them about the SNES Draft!
Bally Alley (Bally Astrocade site)
Orphaned Games & Computer Systems - contains pages about the Emerson Arcadia, APF MP-1000, and the Video Brain computer.

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