HOWDY HOWDY HOWDY. Today I am covering three very good M Network games, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Kool-Aid Man, and Super Challenge Baseball. I had the great privilege of communicating with the developers of the latter two games, Stephen Tatsumi, Jane Terjung, and Ken Smith. My thanks go to them, and also to Paul Nurminen for getting me in touch with Ken Smith. Thank you all!

Next episode I will conclude the Swordquest series with Waterworld and Airworld (which is made of air, HAR HAR). Upcoming games will include River Raid by Activision; Bugs and Journey Escape by Data Age; China Syndrome and Challenge of Nexar by Spectravision; E.T. by Atari; Turmoil and Fantastic Voyage by 20th Century Fox; Name This Game and Towering Inferno by US Games; Music Machine by Sparrow and Glib by Selchow and Wrighter; and Ms. Pac-Man and Centipede by Atari. If you have any thoughts or memories of these games or any I've already covered, please send them along to me at Thank you all so much for listening!

Pertinent Links

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Check out Jose's awesome spreadsheet for the list of games I've already done, with links to the episodes! Thank you Jose!
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